In 2022 I became an official Art-O-Mat artist and released my first collection titled “3 Cats and the Aquarium Scarium!”

Art-O-Mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines which have been converted to vend art! 

There are over a hundred located throughout the United States, maybe even near you!

My first Art-O-Mat collection was featured in the Shreveport Regional Arts Council Critical Mass 10 Exhibition, and showcased four original works of narrative art.

I first encountered an Art-O-Mat vending machine in the Artize Gallery of Palm Springs. I fell in love immediately. All artwork in the machines is original, handmade, and unique. Each work of art could be vended for $5.00, and I must have spent $30.00 altogether collection miniature original works of art. 

Once I got back from my Palm Springs vacation, I knew I had to become an Art-O-Mat artist. I began my first drafts of work and submitted them for consideration. My first attempt was REJECTED. But here is the thing, that rejection came with some fantastic feedback from the Art-O-Mat team. The feedback was timely, actionable, and delivered with great kindness. This only made me want to work with Art-O-Mat more! I got to work drafting my next iteration of ideas, and settled on four “scenes”. My Aquarium Scarium collection was promptly approved and 50 original miniature paintings were sent to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, the Artize Gallery in Palm Springs, and the Baton Rouge Gallery here in Louisiana. 

I love visual narratives, and so each scene in this collection progresses a wordless story of cats encountering a fish in a tank! Humans are super attuned to story, so visual/auditory narratives can be a powerful thing. Practicing scene progression with my Art-O-Mat work enables me to stay in practice when it comes to working on my children’s picture books.