Lindsay Cordero, Artist


As an artist with no formal training at an academic institution, I developed my talents and skills through relentless effort. Though I originally gave up my identity as a creative while attending the United States Air Force Academy, I quickly returned to making art within months of graduation. Wherever I was stationed I took advantage of any online courses and community classes I came across, painstakingly advancing my artistic skills while keeping my creative spark alive. 

I began selling commissions in 2014. By 2018 I was submitting work to local exhibitions. In 2020 the United States Air Force Facebook page featured a work I had on show titled “This is What Anxiety Feels Like.” It reached over a million followers with the intent of spreading awareness about mental health within the wider Air Force community. 

2021 saw the launch of my first brand collab when ICONI released the BONES X ICONI “My Body is Art” activewear collection. 

In 2022 I made my documentary debut when I was filmed for the “Artisan Air” streaming series on Air Force Live. I shared my creative journey with the wider military community, hoping to inspire other creatives in the force.

In 2023 I partnered with Google as the Guest Artist for the Veterans Day Google Doodle, continuing to normalize conversations around mental health in the wider veteran community. 

Presently I am expanding my creative practice and focus to encompass another passion I hold dear: making art underwater

Alongside years of effort developing my artistic skills above water, I have worked on countless dives to master the process of sketching underwater while scuba diving. After each dive I bring my sketches to the surface and create paintings inspired by the aquatic world. 

I have enjoyed partnering with art directors both in publishing and within the corporate sector as my creative career has flourished. The art I create will continue to support mental health initiatives while expanding to share my interest in the conservation of the underwater world.  


Sharing my story to advocate for others with the Peace Gallery and my Expressions Collection.

In the spring of 2023, I was featured at the Peace Gallery in Maine with portraits from my Mental Health Series.

You can shop the original prints from this gallery here.