“I think of this as en plein air underwater.”

– Lindsay Cordero

For years I have worked on perfecting my approach to sketching underwater. As you might imagine, it is tough combining the technical task of scuba diving with the creative task of drawing. You must always keep safety in mind: your depth, your remaining oxygen, your buoyancy, the location of your dive buddy, your position in the water. Then add on the complex task of finding a spot on the reef which inspires you to sketch: both you and the scene before you are constantly in motion. 

It is exhilarating to have only a moment to capture what inspires me. 

I live for it.  

Underwater exploration turned to art

dive. draw. repeat.

I sketch underwater by bringing dive slates of varying sizes hooked up to my BCD. I arrange them meticulously, so they quickly detach when inspiration strikes. I don’t have time underwater to look for them – I need to know with the touch of a hand where to pull them from and which one I need. If my gear isn’t organized correctly, I will miss my opportunity to capture a scene!

And now I am bringing my experiences diving to life through my Conservation series.

Once I find a spot on a reef or wreck that inspires me, I do a quick check around me to ensure I am staying safe and within distance from my dive buddy (who patiently waits while I am engrossed in a drawing).

I quickly take in the scene. Where is the light coming from? Type and shape of coral? What type of fish do I see and what is their line of motion? What colors are in the picture? What is my depth (red light is filtered from water as depth increases, and I must make note of this since I don’t bring colors with me underwater!). All my senses soak in the wonder of the scene before me.

Once we surface from the dive I set up my slates in my mobile studio and get to work drawing, coloring and painting the aquatic images seared into my imagination. I create my art as close to my dives as possible, referencing my slates to ensure my memory accurately pours the experience onto canvas and paper. 


Love of nature portrayed in artscapes

I am steadily creating a body of work inspired by the marine biodiversity I encounter on my scuba adventures. I look forward to exploring opportunities to contribute to conservation and collaborate with others inspired by the wild beauty of the underwater world.

Your pieces from Bonaire make me feel like I'm right there in the scene, diving with you! I love the vivid colors. You are the first artist I know of that sketched underwater and that only adds uniqueness to the art. Your love of both art and diving shows in these pieces.


I have loved watching your artwork evolve as you have practiced your skill and continued to develop your style. It is enticing watching your creative process! Your persistence and devotion is inspiring as you continue to gift the world with bold works of art piece after piece!