Still Beautiful Quarantine No.5


Still Beautiful Quarantine No.5 may initially allude to the appearance of the girl in the image (not a self-portrait). But this work is not about her beauty or societal expectations of beauty (which definitely came to mind in 2020 when I kept wearing Chanel red lipstick with only my cat around to appreciate the effect). Instead, she looks outward, introspective, seeing that despite the tumult surrounding her, there is in fact still beauty to celebrate all around. Beauty in the mundane, small moments. The agitated twitch of a cat’s tail as a bird lands near the window. Sidewalk chalk rainbows drawn by little hands, reminding us joy is ever present. The calming way the sun shifts through the trees all day, something unnoticed on days spent in an office setting.

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12" x 12", 18'' x 18''