“Take Five”


Take Five is the largest and final work I made for this collection. This work leaves behind the expressions on faces of the previous paintings and takes us purely into expression through experience. If you truly want to understand this work and what I was trying to convey, I recommend you put on Take Five by the David Brubeck Quartet, sit back, and just stare. I painted this with Take Five on repeat, lost in the repetition of layers, drops, pours, and smears. A meditation in movement and music, this work, and the process of making it, was healing. 

There is so much we have no control over in life. The human experience is vibrant array of emotions; our lives are an entire tapestry with tangles and folds, smooth spaces and intricately woven layers. There is a richness in the contrast of all we experience. As I worked on this painting I worked on my grief, returning to myself, shifting back from piano to paint.

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6" x 8", 16" x 24", 26" x 38", 32" x 44"